Hi, we're Mick & Jackie Davison

~Our Introduction to Kefalonia~

We first came the island in 1998 and fell in love with the place. In that first year we stayed at the hotel, Giardino. It was because of the wonderful way we were treated and the magic of the island that we returned year after year.

In 2004 we decided that we would like to retire here but we needed to know if it was the place for us the whole year round. Yes, the island does have a 4 definite seasons.

~The Wider Experience~

Being Special Educational Needs teachers and having secured the rental of an Apartment in Mega Lakos, we began to visit in October, February, May and July/August so we could sample different weather and see the island out of the main holiday season. It didn't change our minds, not a jot.

~The Catalyst~

On 27th Arpil 2005, after viewing Channel 4's 'Grand Designs' program of the Erlund log house build in Tunbridge Wells, we began looking for land to buy for 'our Grand Design'.
After viewing several properties we found the one for us, a 2,128 sq m plot close to the village of Agios Dimitrios.

In the February of 2006, after clearance from the Forestry Department, we purchased the land. The plans and contract for building the 'base' were finalized in the April. Construction began in May and finished in the October.

Interested in a log house of your own?

We would be more than happy to offer advice and/or liaise with Erlund, in Finland.    A stay with us would be the ideal way to experience living in one of their wonderful, eco friendly houses and enjoy our beautiful island at the same time!

~Decision Time~

After having thoroughly enjoyed teaching for 10 years, ultimately, it was being on the financial treadmill, so to speak, that we decided there was more to life than just 'running to stand still'. We also found that we'd reached a critical point in our work situation and that, coupled with health issues, meant the time felt right for us to realize our long-time dream.

So with much sadness, and a little trepidation, of leaving our home, family, friends, and client's children, that we had become very attached to, we set out on the 8th July. After 4 days of driving, 1 day's rest and a 13 hour ferry journey we finally arrived on the island, Friday 13th July 2007.